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Exciting things to do with your family In Tavira

Tavira is one of Algarve’s finest gems, with it’s warm weather and interesting places to visit. Travelling to Tavira with your family and seeking out what fun things you can do? You’re on the right page! We’ll guide you through family friendly activities that you can do in Tavira.

What’s in Tavira?

Originally, the town was built and shaped by the Romans and then the Moors. Tavira’s historic essence is shown through its ancient and elegant architecture that still remains to this day, the rich past of Tavira is well preserved. Furthermore, Tavira hosts a series of sophisticated palaces and mansions, beautiful churches, town squares, and bridges, among many other landmarks and architecture. Tavira lies along the slow flowing Gilão River that stretches far and into the shallow mudflats of the Ria Formosa natural park.

Tavira is one of the favorite Algarve holiday spots. It’s breath-taking secluded beaches and quaint fishing villages lets you and your family enjoy a luxurious seaside getaway while exploring delicious seafood cuisines here. Furthermore, the beach is enormous, backed by dunes, and despite increasing development there lies a small chalet settlement, watersports, beach umbrellas and half a dozen bar/restaurants facing the sea, it’s a great place to hang out.

On top of that the serene atmosphere and ancient cobbled streets supports people who are searching for a commuting holiday with fun and relaxing bike rides! With the beautiful mix of culture, picturesque beaches and warm weather all year round, it is perfect for a family get-away. Lots of family activities await you in Tavira!

Family Activities to do in Tavira!

A family holiday is one of the most important get-aways to have in order to reconnect with family. Choosing Tavira as your destination is the right choice! If you are travelling with children, there are plenty of family activities in Tavira to choose from and entertaining happenings to keep them busy and happy and as parents, you will also have your time to relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Here are the suitable activities to do and place to visit with your family:

1. Tavira Ciencia Viva Centre

Tavira Ciencia Viva Centre

The Lagos Ciência Viva Centre is a place  where people of all ages practice science, culture and hands-on learning throughout the year. It is an interactive platform for children to engage in tasks, projects, science discoveries and many more, all related to water, electricity and other scientific sources of natural resources.

Here, your children will have the chance to discover Tavira’s own history with water. Under the subject of ‘Water,’ the Ciência Viva Centre is committed to stimulate the curiosity of science and technology, thereby giving children a range of diverse activities for them to enjoy and gain knowledge from. In addition to the permanent exhibitions that can be viewed at any time, guests are invited to have a tour around the building and participate in a variety of laboratory projects, classrooms, cyberspace, and other children’s events. This would surely be a perfect way to let your children find their interest in science.

The centre is located right in the heart of Tavira, in the location within the chapel of the old Carmo Convent. This will be a fun and educational experience for your children!

2. Kayak tours

Kayak Tours in Tavira

A more adventurous and fun family activity in Tavira to have with your family! If you and your family are interested in water sports, then kayaking will be one that you can try here in Tavira. Kayaking in one of the 7 natural wonders of portugal: Ria Formosa Natural Park, will ensure an unforgettable experience.

The kayak tour stands are easy to find along Tavira’s coastline and the Ria Formosa. Starting your kayak ride with exploring the channel and marshes, then look above to the birds and other wild animals that live inside the Ria Formosa. This activity will not fail your family, as it is still a laid back adventurous activity with safety gears available in the kayaks so your children can feel safe, secure and just have fun.

3. Water and theme parks

Theme park in Tavira

Children are basically OBSESSED with water and theme parks! If you’re in Tavira with children, visiting a water park in the suburbs is certainly worth your time. There are four water parks here in the Algarve: Splash & Slide, Aqualand, Aquashow and Atlantic Park. Renting a car is the first step that you’ll take to get to one of these waterparks, locals will certainly know the directions.

For the whole family particularly the younger ones, a day in the water park is fantastic, as there are plenty of dry and wet rides that are perfectly safe and enjoyable for them. This is also a nice way to stress-relieve and just go all out to have fun in the water!

4. Ride A Bike In Tavira!

Bike tour in Tavira

Tavira offers you and your family many places to visit, rent a bike in Tavira and explore beautiful places by riding your bike! You might want to ride a bike with your children to witness the wonders of the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve and its many, many fauna and flora sights. You’ll ride your bikes on the coastline of Ria Formosa.

Bike rentals are very much available around Tavira, the town and its nearby villages are well aware of this idea and have many bike routes to choose from, such as the Ecovia Litoral Algarve or the Via Algarviana Great Path. Their ancient cobbled streets carry Tavira’s historical atmosphere that you can’t miss out on! Architectural behinds are also worth visiting to really experience the South Portugese culture.

Avalanche bike is the place to go when searching for bike rentals or bike tours when you’re in Tavira! They have many kinds of bike and the most exciting Ria Formosa bike tour where you can enjoy a 5 hours guided tour with your family. The Ria Formosa Tour is a family-friendly tour for all ages (easy level) on a flat off-road course by the sea around the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Book your bike ride with Avalanche!

Avalanche bike is where you can find bike Rental & guided bike tours in Faro, Algarve. From Ria Formosa bike tour to an unknown bike tour ride where you can tailor it yourself! We also offer many types of bikes from city bikes to tandem bikes.

If you are interested in bike tours and bike rentals, contact our team at Avalanche bike. We are always happy to accommodate you with any questions or wishes you would like for your family holiday because we believe that your enjoyment comes first!

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