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Rent bike in Almancil

Looking for rent a bike in Almancil?

Avalance Algarve Bike Shop is the best place to rent a bike in Almancil, Portugal.

We’ve got the best advice, best tours and best bikes!

Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. This is a region blessed with stunning beaches, beautiful fishing cities and a beautiful climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination. The Algarve is very varied, able to attract many tourists; there are unspoiled beaches for families, water parks for teenagers, lively nightlife for young couples and historic cities for cultural tourism.

And Algarve is a fantastic place for biking with some of the best biking routes in the world.  And Almancil has so many places to ride in and around with some amazing sights and roads apparently designed considering a bicycle is just amazing.

Fifteen minutes drive from Faro Airport, a small town called Almancil is very pleasant and typical of Algarve.  The neighboring village of São Lourenço offers a church decorated with distinctive blue tiles that tell the life story of its patron saint, an example of this azulejo work that’s very famous for its age, dating from 1730, and the fact that he was associated with one of the azulejo masters at the time, Policarpo  de Oliveira. Just a stone’s throw from the church is the center of local culture, which for many years organized various art and music exhibitions show. Local pottery is also widely known.

There are so many spectacular places to ride in and around Almancil that will allow you to see this beautiful city.  And riding a bike in Almancil is one of the most wonderfull ways to explore more of this part of the Algarve.

You can also biking around the coast such as Praia do Garrao and Praia do Ancão – both with some good beach restaurants and in the neighboring village of São Lourenço, this church is worth to visit.

Almancil can be a setting for incredible biking adventures or just to relax if that’s what you’re looking for!  We always have great offers for you, some bikes as cheap as €15 per day!

You can see what bikes are available for rent.  If you are not sure which bike is good for you let us know, we might be able to help you choose the perfect one that suits you!

What are you waiting for? Book your bike now!

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