Thinking of visiting Sintra, Portugal in the near future? Don’t think, just go!

Let’s rent a bike and ride around Sintra, Portugal! Sintra is a pleasant Portuguese city located in the hills of Serra de Sintra. Hidden within these pine-covered hills are luxurious palaces, mansions, and ancient castle ruins.

A variety of charming historic buildings and attractive tourist attractions, combine to form fantastic tourist destinations. Only 25 km from Lisbon, and connected by regular train services, which pretty much makes this city ideal for day trips.

There is a popular day trip route that visits Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the historical center, Castelo dos Mouros and Palácio Nacional da Pena. This itinerary visits the main Sintra cultural sights, and is ideal if you only have one day of sightseeing.

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After renting a bike, here are some of our recommended places to ride in and around Sintra!

Quinta da Regaleira

Castle of the Moors

Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro was born in 1848 to rich Portuguese emigrants in Brazil and added to his wealth in the coffee and precious stones business.

The wealth was channeled to the bewildering Quinta da Regaleira, which was filled with small monuments that reflected his interest in the Masons, Templar Knights and Divination.

The Romantic Palace comes out of dreams and is full of Manueline-style buildings, but is in the palace garden where the eccentric personality of Monteiro comes: Underground there is a tunnel and cave system, all intended to be confusing and fun. Above are ornate gazebos, carved benches and two “initiation wells”, the inner shaft lined with spiral stairs leading to the shrines for the tarot ceremony.

Pena Palace

Pena Palace

Recently named after one of Portugal’s “Seven Wonders”, Pena Palace was ordered by King Ferdinand II in 1838 in the sublime ruins of an old monastery.

Disney’s luxurious architecture and high call to remember Neuschwanstein Ludwig II Castle, but the Pena Palace is actually a few decades older.

Like fashion at that time, the palace combined many historical styles, from the Moors to the Renaissance.

It was built as a summer residence and has stunning stuccowork and trompe l´oeil paintings inside, and views that will blow you away in the park.

You have to spend time outside when Ferdinand II plants trees from all over the world such as sequoias, tree ferns, ginkgos and Lawson cypresses that rise to astounding heights.

Praia da Adraga

Praia da Adraga

This stunning beach is often chosen as one of the best in Portugal, and is the choice of many local people over the closer strip. A car trip 7.5 miles away from the city, this is a favorite of surfers.

The good news is you can drive, and there are several restaurants near a parking lot next to the beach.
If you go carefully, this is a fun place to explore, adventure on the rocks to find caves and tunnels.
The waves are a little stronger on this beach than its neighbors, but there are lifeguards all summer.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca

The boundaries of Sintra head to the coast, and the westernmost point of the European continent.
Cabo da Roca is the point where Serra de Sintra sinks dramatically into the sea.

The headland is 140 meters above the granite cliffs and with large rocks and outcrops pounded by the sea far below.
There is a lighthouse here, as well as stone monoliths with a cross to mark this promontory, which was a famous pioneer from Roman times to the Age of Discovery.

The land here is a stretch of ice plants that are always green, invasive plants native to South Africa.

Castle of the Moors

Castle of the Moors

Raised on one of Sintra’s northernmost peaks is the mighty castle ruins, it was built by the Moors and enlarged after Reconquista.

The walls have four square towers and snakes with mountain contours at the top of steep cliffs, so it is a sight to be seen from below and is an amazing vantage point.

Among merlons, you can see rocky peaks, cliffs and spurs, out into the Atlantic and above Sintra.

Historians can investigate the ruins for some interesting remains such as a large Moorish reservoir that you can enter through stairs, and the ruins of Roman chapels with frescoes on their chancels.

Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz

Palacio de Queluz
Queluz is a city to the east of Sintra, but in the same city. What needs to be seen is the Queluz Palace, which was formed in the mid-18th century and has a rococo architecture.

It was Dom Pedro’s summer retreat from Braganza, who would become the Empress King of his own niece, Queen Maria I. The interior was sublime, adorned with gold-plated stuccoworks and glittering frescoes on the ceiling in the Music Room and the Queen’s Study Room where there petite trellis pattern.

Outside you can enjoy the Baroque splendor from the facade of French architect Jean-Baptiste Robillon, and the 100-meter canal, which is surrounded by blue and white tile panels.

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