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Algarve is a fantastic place for biking with some of the best biking routes in the world. Algarve is one of the most visited areas in Portugal and one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. The area in the state is famous for its beaches that are full of amazing cliffs and because the weather are perfect especially during summer and become one of the surfers’s favorite destinations. This region is full of endless beaches, amazing cliffs, caves and beautiful fishing villages. Imagine cycling in the Algarve it will surely make you more impressed with this southern part of Portugal.

Algarve has many stunning towns for bikers. And here are some of the most beautiful towns you must visit in the Algarve. 


Albufeira is one of the most visited areas in the Algarve. Albufeira is a village with amazing history, rent a bike in Albufeira is the best way to explore narrow alleys around charming beaches. The most extraordinary famous beaches in Albufeira are Praia Dos Pescadores, Gale Beach, Castelo Beach or Falesia Coast.

In the center of Albufeira, you will find many interesting buildings and sites with very unique architecture and a lot of history that is good for take a pictures such as Largo Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, Ermide de Sao Sebastiao and Torre do Relógio.


Carvoeiro is a city in the Algarve which is also quite famous among tourists because it has 2 of the most famous beaches in this area such as Praia de Centianes and Praia de Benagil. The city has adapted to a recreational city with existing recreational facilities, rent a bike in Carvoeiro will make it easier for you to explore this stunning town.

Not far from Carvoeiro, you can visit Algar Seco. A beautiful cliff made by sea water abrasion.


Sagres is a small village located at one end of the Iberian Peninsula. The Portuguese often call it “the end of the world” for this region because of the Sagres many naval expeditions to begin a journey to the New World or colonization.

Sagres is a quiet village and isolated from the hustle and bustle of other tourist areas. The main attraction of Sagres is Fortaleza de Sagres, a fortress located around the city. This fort is a fairly large fort with views of the cliffs of Cabo. Sagres has 3 nearest beaches but Mareta and Praia do Tonel are the most beautiful ones.


Lagos is one of the villages that has so many visitors every year on the Algarve because of its beaches and also because of its historical heritage.

Lagos survived the earthquake of 1755 and in the center of the city there are still some buildings that survived the great earthquake such as the church de Santo António or the market in Praça da República and some relics of the Portuguese colonial era. If you are closer to the seafront, precisely to Avenida dos Descobrimentos, you will see several city walls that function as a city protector from pirates and also Forte Ponta da Bandeira. 

Lagos also has the most beautiful beaches in the world such as Dona Ana Beach, Ponta da Piedade, and many more.


The second largest beautiful city in the Algarve, Portimao is on the right bank of the Arade River just before reaching the ocean.

The extraordinary thing about Portimao is how ordinary it is, this is a typical portuguese working city with a minicipal markets, pedestrian shopping streets and a quiet plaza.  And within its limits there are some of the most popular places on the Algarve.

Rent a bike in Portimão and cycling around Praia da Rocha will surely amaze you.


Tavira is one of the true Algarve gems.  One of the most historic cities in the region, the roots of the Moorish, Reconquista, and Renaissance are clearly visible today, especially in many churches in the city.

The 11th century Castelo de Tavira, located in the middle of the old area, is a defense structure built by the Moors. Climb the castle walls for incredible views of the city and descend to the church of Santa Maria do Castelo, which dates from the 13th century, and most likely occupy the site of the city’s old mosque.

Those are the best towns to visit during your vacation in the Algarve, Portugal.

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