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Have the best cycling holiday in Tavira, Portugal!

Craving for a relaxing and productive getaway? Have a cycling holiday in Algarve, the heart of South Portugal! Tavira is one of Algarve’s gems. Located in the eastern part of Algarve, this town still retained it’s authenticity charms. Filled with history and culture, this town is perfect for a peaceful cycling holiday when visiting Portugal. There’s more! Tavira also has beautiful white sand beaches and waterways, just the perfect combination of beaches and culture in a town.

Cycling holiday in Tavira, Portugal? Why so?

Perhaps you wonder why we suggest Tavira to be your cycling holiday destination, so here’s why. Tavira is located by the Gilão river, where there is a mix of Portuguese and Moorish influences. Both Portuguese and Moorish inheritance made Tavira to be known as the historic town, where it is concealed between traditional houses and a myriad of decorative churches. Now, imagine having a bike tour in Tavira with your loved ones. Strolling around on paved streets, surrounded by old-fashioned historic buildings. Sounds fun and interesting isn’t it? The atmosphere that you will receive while cycling will be something that you’ll not get anywhere else.

Seeking something towards mother nature when having a cycling holiday? Don’t you worry, Tavira has the best of both worlds. Tavira is considered to be the best holiday destination in the eastern part of Algarve because it is far removed from the hecticness of the central and western Algarve. It promotes a more peaceful and calm atmosphere. Tavira is also surrounded by waterways and mudflats, so you can definitely enjoy the breathtaking waterbody sceneries. Beautiful beaches and glorious weather for your cycling holiday in Portugal, doesn’t it just sound so perfect?

The slow-going and calm city suits of Tavira will definitely suit your cycling activity. Rent a bike in Tavira and have the best holiday!

Amazing places you will discover along Tavira while having a cycling holiday!

Plan a cycling holiday in Portugal and make sure you visit Algarve’s most favorite town! Algarve Region is located in the South of Portugal, where it hosts paradisiacal beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. The main city of the region is Faro where you will first arrive when visiting Algarve.

You can access and start your cycling holiday from Olhão which is located 19 km from the Island of Tavira. On the journey there, you will pass many cities including the region of Praia da Fuseta. When you reach the exit of Olhao is when you will pass the mainland separating Olhao and the island of Tavira. Continue to cycle and discover Baril Beach. The journey from Olhao to Tavira is definitely a fun route to go through, the city of Algarve is always a pleasant ride in any weather condition. Make sure to stop by the beach when passing through and enjoy the nice breeze and scenery from the beautiful Southern Portugal beaches. Restaurants and bars are also along the way!

Furthermore, after reaching Tavira continue your cycling holiday to the Southern Tavira where it lies the protected waterways and mudflats of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, which leads to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Ilha de Tavira.

Join southern Portuguese festivals while having a cycling holiday!

Alongside having a bike tour in Tavira, you may want a more elevated entertainment! Festivals will be the solution to that, as it offers more essence of the Southern Portuguese culture and background. Spring time in south Portugal is usually from the month of March to June. It is the best time to have a bike tour in Tavira as the temperature, humidity and atmosphere are supportive of the activity. The great thing about this is that most festivals are happening during the spring. So having a cycling holiday as well as going to the festivals can be one complete package for your getaway experience in Tavira!

One of the festivals is the Popular Saints Festivities which is celebrated in June. It involves popular Portuguese music filling the atmosphere, street parties, a whole lot of vinho (Portuguese wine), and mouthwatering grilled sardines. People will dance, hangout, and party all night as they celebrate the Popular Saints.

Who does not like food? The Portuguese coast supplies the freshest fish and seafood in the world. This shows how fish is the star of many of the dishes in the country’s gastronomical scene.“The Gastronomy of the Sea” is the perfect festival for you seafood lovers! It is a Tavira seafood festival held throughout the month of May, where local restaurants will come together and cook their special culinary delights with the fresh seafood ingredients. It is a great opportunity to get to know the nation’s culinary world as well as celebrating the local cuisine mixed with a wide choice of regional wines.

Lastly, who does not know about the sand sculpture festivals? Well, the biggest sand sculpture festival in the world is held in Pêra, Algarve, Portugal. It is a 40-minute drive from Tavira but the event is a must-visit for tourists. It has been happening annually since 2003 normally from May to mid-September and covers 3.7 acres of land with sands to be sculpted by more or less 60 artists. The festival offers a range of activities related to sand sculptures, demonstrations on the sculpting technique, and workshops. There are different themes each year and has been one of the best attractions in Portugal.

Start your cycling holiday with Avalanche bike!

A lot of exciting stuff to take in, isn’t it? Make your dream cycling holiday come true with us! We have just the perfect touring bike rental for you. We offer many kinds of bikes that you can choose to suit your cycling holiday needs, from city bikes to trekking bikes.

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